What to Expect When Visiting

Non Denominational

Kingdom Life Church is a multi-generational, family minded, bible believing, spirit filled, contemporary, non-denominational church. Why non-denominational? Well, our team of pastors and elders is made up of decades worth of beautifully diverse church history. We love the idea that we can freely pull from all our experiences of “doing church” and create a church expression that represents who we believe we are called to be without being forced into looking like, acting like, and representing any one specific denomination of church expression.  

Freedom in Worship

At KLC Worship is not just a little sing along to get us ready for the bible teaching. It’s not just some religious tradition, it’s an opportunity to minister to the King of Kings and encounter the God of Glory! So kick off your shoes, sit, stand, lay down, or dance before the King, He is worthy of it all! Feel FREE, and feel comfortable to be you. Our worship time is led by a full band and flows from places of joyful high praise to deep intimate worship.

Children’s Church

Our children church service runs from the end of worship until the end of service. After worship and before announcements our church’s head elders will call all the kids to the front and pray for them before releasing them to their kids service. Check in for children’s church is before the service begins and our nursery (ages 0-3) runs the full length of the service. We do offer for all children, nursery and children’s church a live number system that can directly communicate to parents. So you can have peace in mind knowing that our children’s workers have a direct line to you. 


Most places will have communion the first Sunday of every month. We feel that communion can be and should be available with every worship service. So when you visit you will see at the front of the church a communion table with bread and juice that represents the body and blood of Jesus, broken for us. At any moment you desire feel free to come and partake of communion during worship. Feel free to take it back to your seat and meditate on the cross or take it up front, we leave communion to be between you and the Lord. Communion is “Rip and Dip” style, so you rip a piece of bread and dip it in the cup. This keep the germs at a minimum on the cup 

Celebration Offering

Tithes and offering time is often treated as the dreaded moment where the pastor shakes the dollars out of everyone because, “the church must be heated!” and everyone runs for the bathroom! But at KLC we LOVE tithes and offering time, what a joy and pleasure to continue worshipping the Lord through our giving! We do the 2 Corinthians 9 thing, and give in joy and cheer! Either an exhortation is brought or a corporate declaration is read.  We invite the church forward to give their tithes and offerings as a physical act of sowing their financial seed into the Kingdom.

Dreaded… meet and greet….

As everyone comes forward with their offerings this begins the dreaded meet and greet… We encourage everyone to grab water, do your bathroom run, and meet someone new! Don’t worry we are a super happy and nice church!

Relevant Bible Teaching

Pastor Jamie Dickson is an internationally known teacher and preacher of the Word. Every Sunday morning he brings a relevant and challenging message meant to equip the body to walk in the grace and empowerment of being sons and daughters of a living God! When Jamie is traveling either an elder, a leader, or a guest speaker will bring a life transforming message!

Ministry Teams

EVERY Sunday morning we have ministry teams ready and trained to pray for YOU! So whether you’re sick and in pain, need guidance and direction, or personal breakthrough don’t rush out of the service without getting prayed for by our teams!