The Love Project

Mission Statement:

The mission of The Love Project is to demonstrate the powerful, raging, heart melting, world changing love of God through healing the sick, raising the dead, and serving the poor and broken.

What is The Love Project?

The Love Project is a missions movement. It is the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ with demonstrations of power motivated from the place of love and desire for the lost to come into a relationship with Jesus.

The Love Project takes place in many forms and expressions. We weekly take teams on the streets for outreaches such as “treasure hunts”, where we follow the leading of the spirit to find people on His heart, to find divine appointments, where we pray for their needs, and share with them that they are the treasure of God’s heart, His greatest desire, His most valued gem!

We also take teams all over Maine, New England, and the nations for special ministry trips. We know the most powerful force for the overcoming of evil is love, and we will put love to the test in the hardest and darkest of places around the world. Love always wins.