This is the KLC and Well Podcast. Each week we release our sermons in podcast form for your listening pleasure. You can Enjoy more on iTunes. Blessings!


Latest Sermons

Jamie Dickson: Demonstration Of Power - 08/02/20

by Jamie Dickson

Jamie Dickson: Alters To Disappointment - 08/09/20

by Jamie Dickson

Tim Arroyo: Intro To Culture Of Worship - 08/16/20

by Tim Arroyo

Dustin and Savanah Box: A Transformed 08/23/20

by Dustin and Savanah Box

Sean Feucht shares from his heart - 06/07/20

by Sean Feucht

Jamie Dickson: Our New Normal part 2 - 06/14/20

by Jamie Dickson

Jamie Dickson: Our New Normal part 3 - 06/21/20

by Jamie Dickson

Dustin Box at The Well - 03/08/20

by Dustin Box

Jamie Dickson KYLO Part 4 Pillars of Powerful Relationships - 03/29/20

by Jamie Dickson