Burn 24-7


The mission of BURN 24-7 is to plant a sustainable furnace of 24-7-365 worship, prayer and explosive supernatural outreach releasing a sound of indigenous creative vertical worship in every community, people group, city and nation in the world.


The Burn 24-7 is a renaissance movement of vertical worship and intercession. Jesus appointed the twelve to first of all “be with Him”. This core value set the pattern of David’s Tent, St. Francis of Assisi and his troubadours, and the Moravians. This is also the DNA of the Burn. The Burn is diverse in expression, non-denominational in affiliation, simple in focus, and missional in practice.
New branches are growing up from the ancient roots of David’s Tabernacle. When Saul encountered the Presence of God in the company of Samuel’s school of prophetic minstrels, he was “turned into another man”. When David brought the Ark of God to Zion, Israel was turned into another nation. An open heaven environment rested on an entire region. As a result, the dream that God had for David’s generation was realized. David’s Tent is being restored today on a global scale, and the influence of the Kingdom of God and the outpouring of God’s Spirit will flood the nations. This is the heartbeat of the Burn – to see the Father’s dream for this generation realized.
“Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks (John 4:23).”
This is not the mission of some elite group of spiritual people. It is the heart of God for His beautiful bride, the Church. So come and be ignited. Worship. Pray. Burn.


Burns typically last between 24 and 100 hours with the goal of becoming 24-7-365. These times are divided into 2-hour shifts, which are filled by teams from the body of Christ in the region. These teams range from one person leading worship and prayer from a guitar, keyboard or other lead instrument, to full bands accompanied by prayer leaders. Artists and dancers join many sessions as well.
There is a set focus, but there is not a set format. While well-known songs are sung, the creative, Presence-charged atmosphere in Burn gatherings creates space for the new Song of the Lord to flow out, and prophetic intercession to come forth. This is the heart of BURN 24-7.
Many Worship and Prayer Leaders have never experienced leading in a gathering where there has already been many hours of momentum and breakthrough. In the Burn they experience dimensions in God they have never known in the context of a 30-minute worship service or an hour-long prayer meeting. It is a consecrated place to minister to God first and go vertical in our worship and prayer in the spirit of the Davidic Tabernacle (Amos 9 and Acts 15) and not being consumed with horizontally connecting with the audience.
Burns are accompanied with an extraordinary freedom in the Spirit, yet there is a divine order to it all. Some lay on the floor, lost in God’s Presence, while others dance. As the Father’s heart is revealed, waves of deep intercession for the region and the nations will wash through the room, as well as waves of deep rest and joy. One person might experience all of these in one two-hour shift. In short, there is a lot of variety and diversity of expression in the Burn.